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New Life Christian Fellowship Foundation is the parent organization that carries out the missions


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Ukrainina Book Project Video from Ivan Fox’ facebook.

New Life Christian Fellowship FDN

In 1999 when True Hope’s founder and director, Max Fetisov, met an orphan for the first time at the age of 11, he never imagined the number of lives that would be impacted in the future. He had heard the warnings from others about orphans, that they were untrustworthy, liars and thieves, but Nadia didn’t seem that way. She seemed like a normal girl his age.

To see his new friend, he soon began visiting her orphanage where he discovered hundreds of other kids just like her, all desperately longing for love and acceptance. Each week he returned to visit and share hope through the Bible lessons he was learning at church. He soon began bringing friends along with him and the heart of True Hope was birthed.

As True Hope volunteers followed the lives of the orphans with whom they built relationships, the ministry expanded to reach and encourage them in every stage and sphere of life. Based in the city of Krivoy Rog, today True Hope has dozens of volunteers all over Ukraine who are bringing hope to the lost and hurting, one by one.

Ukraine book project. The story starts in 1909 Soviet Union. more content to come.
Getting writers to sign onto the story.

Building a facility to train orphans.


pastor – Godfrey Byaruhanga more info required.

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Uganda missions.

Haiti and Dominican Republic

We have been partnering with Haiti for over 20 years. Recently we have adopted another project in the Dominican Republic. Building Schools, Churches and Communities. Touching one child at a time.


Japan missions

Team Thrust went to Japan on its first mission In 1969, and proceeded to have meetings every year for several years in a row. The meetings called together pastors and workers from every denomination. It was called The Holy Spirit Conference. God poured out His Spirit in great abundance. The Japanese Church became strengthened, encouraged and blessed. Today we are putting together groups and finances to help 80,000 people who have been displaced by the earth quake and tsunami. We believe a principality has been broken over Japan and it is time to reach out to the land of Japan.


Mexico missions.


Poland missions.


Ireland missions.